SEO Editor Pro Review
by Malte Böhm

To be honest I was waiting for this kind of tool for a long time...
A  SEO Editor is not a new concept at all but there was always some SEO knowledge needed. Because I don’t write Texts myself I really had no reason to start using them more. I always had to pay extra for the writers who are good enough in SEO but also in Writing

There are a lot of great writers out there, but only a few understand SEO-Text-Audits. I guess you know that problem as well.

So my biggest expectation is that my content writers can get great optimized Texts even when they know so little about SEO.

"In this review, you will find out if you or your writers should use SEO Editor Pro and if you can expect a ROI by using it."

Malte Böhm

What is SEO Editor Pro?

The answer is partly inside the Product name. It’s a SEO Editor for writing a texts on your PC or Mac.

But that´s not even half of the story. SEO Editor Pro solves you or your content writer a few problems in one spot. Let’s get through them all.

1. It helps with Content Creation 
and Curation

If you were using Cora (Ted other Tool) you probably were using the Content Report of it before to curate Content Ideas by looking at the Headings of the Competitors.

SEO Editor Pro does it in a familiar way, but know you can not only get all the Headings of your competitors by clicking on one Button, but you also curate these Content ideas as well

  1. Entity Carousel
  2. All Headings
  3. LSI Phrases
  4. Image Search Results
  5. Headings with Keywords
  6. All RSS Entries
  7. Images
  8. All H1 Headings
  9. All H2 Headings
  10. RSS Summaries
  11. Videos
  12. News Search Results
  13. RSS Summaries Keywords
  14. Open Graph
  15. Variations
  16. All Entities
  17. Questions with Keywords
  18. Page Titles
  19. Entity Links
  20. All Questions
  21. Related Searches
  22. Auto-Complete
  23. Sentences with Keywords
  24. People Also Ask
  25. Search Results
  26. Meta Description

2. It highlights Duplicate Content and…

It is not only highlighting Duplicate Content it also allows you to connect the Spin Rewriter API with it, so you can simply rewrite the duplicated content.

3. It helps to get optimized SEO Content in less Time and with less SEO knowledge

This is what i really like about it. A new writer only has to learn a few features about this tool. It is easy to understand that there are some counters and how they work. SEO Editor Pro has counters for:

  • Word Count
  • Keyword Variations
  • Entity Usage

LSI Term Usage

The writer does not need to know why it is important to add them. He or she only needs to know where to put those, so the writer’s focus is totally on the content quality.

I hope this counts as an answer for you what SEO Editor Pro is and what it does.

In the following, you will read about my personal experience and insights. We will compare it also to the Content Editor of Cognitive SEO and Page Optimizer Pro. Then you know if you will need it or not.

 Pros and Cons about SEO Editor Pro

While is was writing this Review I thought a lot of comparing SEO Editor Pro to Cognitive SEOs or Page Optimizer Pros Content Editors but I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to do it.

You may have a different opinion, but I really see a reason for using this tool for content creation only.

That makes it unique in my eyes and i love it that way. As I pointed out before, it is great because with this tool copywriters can easily create great authoritative content in less time.

Why not also for optimization?
Unlike Cognitive SEO or POP, I would not use SEO Editor Pro for just the Optimization of existing content.
Sure sometimes it is needed to add new content into existing content, but I think in most use-cases this is total overkill.

Well, there are Tools like Cora and POP that got way more possibilities to help you with that. This is something that those tools are perfect for. Cora and POP, on the other hand, are not as helpful as SEO Editor Pro when it comes to content curation/ finding authoritve content.

If you look at SEO Editor Pros features you will see that you cannot be that selective when you choose your competitors as you normally would and needed to be when you optimize your existing content with Cora or Pop.


  • Easy to use
  • Saves a lot of time when you create content
  • No SEO Knowledge needed as long as you got a step by step Guides and Skills as a Copywriter (great for new VAs)
  • Identifies Duplicate Content
  • Spinning Integration
  • Content Collectors


  • No Spelling or Grammar Correction


SEO Editor Pro is really filling something that I missed in the SEO World. I am excited to give it to my Virtual Assistant to write me great content.
Now I can spend less time on their Text Audits. They simply can focus on content creation and all they need to do is to look after the few counters that help them to create already greatly authoritative content.

When it comes to Content optimization I will continue to use Cora, my Cora Cognitive Google Sheet, because nothing beats powerful Cora SEO Data on that part.