Cora Course Webinar Series

Cora Course Webinar Series

Weekly Webinars to get the most out off Cora

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Cora Course Webinar Series 55 /month
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      What will you get?

      • Webinars (2-4 Webinars/month)
      • 4 Learning Modules that will
        increase your SEO/ROI
      • Whole Webinars about your
        topics and needs
      • Live Sessions in optimizing
      • Case Studies
      • Recipes for the best
        optimization with Cora
      • SEO Course
      • So much more

      Malte was one of the first Cora SEO Software customers I had who was using the software for searches that weren't in English.  He has helped me identify and fix bugs in the software. He has requested some of the features you see and use in the software today.  He has been using this software since it's early days. He uses this software in his own business to great success. Honestly, if you want to take a course on Cora SEO Software what better credentials can you be looking for?

      Ted Kubaitis - Founder of Cora