Every SEO Expert on the planet knows that each and every niche has its own SEO Factors that need to be achieved to rank on top positions. Cora is the only Tool on the market that gives you a Roadmap for your On-Page and Off-Page optimization that you need to follow to rank your pages.

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What is Cora SEO Software?

Cora SEO is an SEO Software that comes from Ted Kubaitis. Indifference to any other SEO Tool on the planet Cora uses correlation (scientific method) to identify SEO-factors to rank wanted search terms. 

The way Cora does it is the following: 

    • First, Cora checks alls 100 Search results on Google.
    • Cora Measures more than 2000 Factors those Top 100 Sites
    • With the help of correlating those Factors, Cora can tell you if a factor is a significant SEO factor or if it has nothing to do with ranking to this Search Term at all
Cora SEO Software

Cora correlates over 2000 SEO Factors to analyze the Search algorithm

Cora SEO is getting better and better. It can correlate more than 800 Factors by itself, but with the API of Tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Textrazr, Domdetailer, SpyFu, Wappalyzer, and Waybackmachine, it can measure more than 2000 Factors.

That makes it to the ultimate statistical algorithm SEO Weapon you can have against your competitors.
You will not only know what you need to do for your On-Page Optimization process!
Cora also gives you a chart which Off-Page values should be improved.

Follow Roadmaps to improve your Keywords, LSI, Entities, Backlinks, Schema and more

Did you ever ask yourself which is the most important thing, to begin with?

Cora does the math to answer you precisely this question in its Roadmap.

You simply can optimize factor by factor. Cora delivers you most of the information you need to fulfill those recommendations by looking at the strongest deficiencies. That makes this Tool very powerful but is still very complex, and you need to learn more about than you would need for any other SEO tool. But the Results and Knowledge you will get by using Cora will rightify that for sure.

Cora gives the LSI Keywords SEOs need

LSI Keywords are a concept that helps you to create and optimize Content in a way Google understands the context and meaning of your Content.

As an example: If you look for the Search Term “Bank” on Google.
Google will show you results about financial institutions, but if you add words to the search queries that give more context and meaning to it, the results start to have a completely different sense. If you look for “Bank garden, you gave Google the context “Garden” so Google understands that you probably have the search intent to find a Bank for your own Garden.
This is how Google also understands if your Content is relevant to a Search Term or not. Believe it or not, but LSI and Entities became the most essential On-Page Factors in 2019!

This will continue since Google is trying to get Users more and more relevant topical Search Results.

Why do you need a Cora SEO tutorial?

To answer these questions, the best simply just Download this sample File.
Cora is the best, most accurate, and most complex SEO Tool you can find on the market.
I use Cora from the very beginning, and I worked a lot with the Founder, Ted Kubaitis to help him to make this Tool even better.

    • The most important reason why you need a complete Cora Course is that you need an instant return of investment. Save yourself the time and afford that is keeping you from results you can get right now.
    • It was a long and stony journey to understand the SEO Concepts you need to know to get great results by using Cora. I will teach you everything you need and want to know in the Cora Course Series. From the first settings to the final optimization.
    • Cora has 16 different Reports in its SEO Optimization Excel File, and it comes with a complete Tools Suite. You will also need to learn how to use Cora Diff and Cora Trends. But there are also Cora Keywords and Cora Pages you can use to do some fantastic stuff!

Cora is no a easy to use SEO Software

I think by now, you understood that Cora SEO Software is not the easiest SEO tool to begin with, but I made a Concept to ensure that you will learn and know what you are doing with Cora.
In 4 Modules and almost weekly webinars, every question of you will get an answer.

This is what our Members say about the Course. Some of them are already Cora Pros others had just begun a few months ago.

What does a Cora SEO report look like?

I suggest you download the Sample files. Cora Reports can have up to 16 Different Reports/Tabs that are filled with thousands of information. Cora tries to make it easier by sorting that information by priorities, but you still need an SOP to optimize different Factors, and it´s co-factors.

Continue reading if you want to know more about each and every Tab.

By the way... Cora gives you also a Cloud-Based Factor Report from all users! So you know exactly what is important.

But thats not all! With Cora Trends and Cora Diff you can start a analyses of your own reports to see the difference after Google Updates or on your own optimization progress.

Simply to follow Roadmap

This is where every Cora Report begins. The Roadmap shows you an overview of Groups of Factors you can choose to optimize. The summary also shows you how many Single Factors in those Groups are.

On the Roadmap it shows you what kind of “Deficit Strategy” you have chosen. This is important to know because there are different circumstances why we would optimize more aggressively and other situations where we should avoid following an aggressive strategy.

Then there is the SEO Tuning Roadmap
Every factor is shown by priority. That way, you get an idea of what can be the most important thing to do first. Based on the deficit Strategy Cora gives you recommendations, you should not follow exactly as they are told. How to do SEO correctly is something you will learn in our Webinar Course Series.

Basic Tunings

This sheet is the first of 3 Reports that are not created by correlation but by comparison. That is why it is so essential to pick the right competitors with Cora to get Recommendations you can trust. You will learn this in the Course, we got a few Videos about this Topic.
In this Report, you will find pieces of information that will remember you of Page Optimizer Pro. You will get information like word count and how often you should put in your search terms and keywords.

Intermediate Tunings

This Tab will tell you about EAT factors your competitors worked on and some other SEO stuff.

Off-Page Tunings

This is a significant Report because it tells you if you should work on your Off-Page more and what you should do. It, of course, doesn’t tell you how to do it but you will get practical advice on our Course.


In here, you will find the Data for all correlated Factors. In the earlier days of Cora this was the place where you had to filter out the information to outrank your competition. It still is essential to figure out what competitors did, because you see all of their Values in here.


Did you ever think it would be great to show your clients Proof they understand? This Tabs will show you Graphs of every factor any Client can understand. I use it a lot when I want to sell my Backlink Service to Clients. What else can they say when you show them facts they cannot deny.

Top Words

See the 30 Top used Words of any Website/Domain. This helps you to understand what part is missing.

Entities + Entity Density

Google is a Search Engine that uses “Machine Learning”. An entity is like a fingerprint of any “thing” in the world. With this Report, you can make sure your Headings and your Content creates the right connections between you and whatever “things” are important to rank for our Search Term.


Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords are similar to Entities but still very different from use because of the way they get created. In the Result, they do the same for your optimization. They let Google understand the Context and Meaning of your Content, so Google can rank your Page to the wanted Search Term.


Cora finds Questions inside the Content that connects the most Entities. This makes it very powerful. You often see that the more entities are inside a single question, the better is the question. You also can use this for inspiration and give the answers to those questions yourself inside your content.

Sentences Report

Same with the Sentences Report. You will find great Sentences that say a lot! A single Sentence can connect a lot!

How much does Cora SEO Desktop Software Cost? 

The reason I created this Course was to increase the Return of Investment. Cora regularly costs $250/m which makes it hard for beginners to get payed back.

You get the chance to get a 14-day trial + 25% discount for Cora!

You will also get a 15% Coupon for the Cora Webinar Series.

The Cora All-In-One Tool Suite

There are a couple of tools that come with Cora. Cora SEO comes with a complete SEO Tool Suite.

  • Cora Diff
  • Cora Keywords
  • Cora Trends
  • Cora Pages

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